Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Welcome to Bee Crafty

So let us introduce ourselves!

Bee Crafty is a fantastic new craft shop and training centre which opened on the 6th August in the pretty village of Ellington in Huntingdon (just off the A14/A1 – directions available).

This new, inventive and creative centre is the joint brain child of the well known actress and disability rights campaigner Julie Fernandez (played Brenda in the BBC award winning series The Office and Eldorado’s Nessa Lockhead) and award winning jewellery designer and teacher Sarah Payne (finalist for the prestigious Fire Mountain Gems and Beads 2009 – beading category).

As our individual skill and passion for crafts developed we identified that the next big step for us was to create an exciting new business catering for like - minded crafters with a keen interest to either expand on their chosen craft or move on to other forms of mixed media crafts through classes and practise.

Bee Crafty will be a centre for people to indulge and enjoy either the shop, the classes or to bring their own craft in with them and enjoy the relaxed, fun atmosphere of a group session (currently known in crafting circles  as ‘stitch n bitch’ and ‘knit and natter’ sessions!).  Bee Crafty will welcome everybody and will currently concentrate on the three main areas of the growing craft industry; patchwork quilting, knitting/crochet and beading.
So if you happen to be passing, feel free to drop in and say Hi. There is always a cuppa on the go and a biscuit in the tin!

Best wishes

Sarah & Julie


Is it lunchtime yet? said...

Looking forward to seeing you on saturday, will bring sausage rolls! karen x

Anonymous said...
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Bee Crafty said...

We are looking forward to it too - and you famous sausage rolls ;)
Sarah x