Friday, 11 November 2011

The joy of owning a shop!

One of the best things about working at Bee Crafty is seeing the work that people produce from stuff you have sold them. People who are inspired to start creating come in with massive grins to share their first project. Elizabeth is such a lady!

This is Elizabeth's first attempt at quilting - and she has done a terrific job. She has made it for her Aunt in Northern Ireland. We think she will be delighted to get this vibrant lovely! Look at her face - Elizabeth is delighted at what she has produced as she should be.

This is the joy of creating, and the joy of helping someone else to enjoy the joy of creating!

Friday, 4 November 2011

Christmas finds

Well Christmas will be with us before we know it, and I have been scouring Folksy to gather some of the best of what crafters out there have to offer! Of course, it is all in the name of duty ;)

Feeling peckish? Well let these Christmas puds satisfy your appetite!

Christmas bunting is very popular this year, so you can buy some here,
 or let Julie teach you how to make your own on 1st December.

This fluffy little fella is just asking to be taken home! I love the expression!
So now you have a few ideas for gifts for others, just remember to put out the list of gifts for you! Here at Bee Crafty we have a range of crafting hampers in store, as well as a new range of gift vouchers, so let us help point those who love you in the right direction!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

A few finds to share

Crafters love to share - and we are no exception! So here are a couple of things I have stumbled across surfing this week (for working purposes only hehe)
Crafteroo the on-line Crafters Forum have started producing an on-line magazine written by members. It is £1.50 available to download and is stuffed with little projects to keep you, and your children, happy for ages! You need to sign up to the forum but details on how to get the magazine are available here. I have downloaded it myself (though be warned - it is a big file) and it looks fun!
Etsy Finds - this is a shopping market for those selling their own hand made items across the world - it's a great place to hunt for those unique gifts we are always seeking! It is not like Ebay - no time limit or auctions to contend with here. If you like it you can buy it!

This adorable knitted owl is just begging for a new home!
And who could resist this little baby blanket when it has been photographed so beautifully. Go on, say 'aaaahhhh!'
And for something less cute, in fact, just a little scary.... The work in this is just incredible!

Folksy Finds - This is the UK version of Etsy - all working to get crafters and their work seen by all!
I adore this pattern - and a snip at £2.50!
These little brooches are just so darn sunny - who cares if Autumn is truely upon us!

And this quirky little badge reminds us that there is very little that can't be fixed with a nice cup of tea!

It is brilliant to see that so many people out there are being crafty and creative in their homes, ready to share it with the rest of us! Keep it up!

Keep crafting

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Well Done Cromwell Quilters

On a rare moment away from the shop (yes we do get them) Julie and I jumped at the chance to visit the Cromwell Quilters "Quilts Unlimited 2011" show on Sunday in St Ives. So after leaving the old fellas settle in their prospective sofas watching the Grand Prix - off we trotted for an afternoon of delights! We were not disappointed! There was a huge range of quilts and I didnt have much space left on my camera so only photographed my favourites - but here is a little taster!

Mariners Garden by Janet Shakespeare

 This was so eye catching with all those lovely colours! So effective!

Angel Delight by Christine Rooks
I thought this was great - full of whimsy and humour and I adored the rather startled looking cats. The embellishments worked perfectly and I thought the choice of plaids as the border was inspired (not just because we have them in the shop) and it really added to the 'homely' feel of the quilt. This lady's granddaughters are VERY lucky girls!
Cave by Diana Mackay

 This one got my vote as best in show. The write up in the catalogue said it represented a difficult time in her life and demonstrates how even traumatic events can encourage creativity and this really resonated with me. I could really feel the emotion in this piece and therefore it had to get my vote!

Well I think that is enough for now - I hope you got to attend because it was well worth the trip to see such a huge range of work in one place. Well done Ladies!

Best Wishes


Friday, 23 September 2011

A little parcel has arrived!

From a slow start at the beginning when people didn't seem to realise we 'did' wool, the balls are really beginning beginning to fly out the door. So much so that we are now able to introduce a few new ranges (all King Cole) in Aran, Romano chunky and a number of other interesting lines.

So imagine my excitement when this arrived yesterday (sorry about the picture quality - I only had my phone handy!)

Now the only issue is; where do we put it all?

Best wishes


Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Beeing Crafty!

As some of you who came to the opening will know, we gave a bee kit to everyone who stood still long enough to be nabbed! The kit contained 2 pieces of calico, some stuffing and a bee template for our creative guests to decorate in any way that took their fancy. Some Grandmas even took a couple for their grandchildren. The only 'rule' was that each bee had to have the maker's name and the date on it somewhere so that people could identify them once we hung them up in the shop.

Well the first batch have flown their way back to us, and after much 'oooohing' and 'aaahing' between everyone in the shop, I have got around to putting them up on one of our beams. Don't they look great!

People's creativity never ceases to amaze me! 5 more have now flown in so just a few more need to arrive before I get the ladder our again and add to our growing family! If you still have one sitting around at home then we would love to see her!

Friday, 16 September 2011

Well done ladies

Today has been the first day of our beginners quilting class with Anne Statcey. This class will run one Friday a month and aims to teach beginners the fabulous art of quilting through a sampler quilt. Each class will concentrate on 2 squares a session, building up to a 12 square quilt if you choose to do all the classes.

This was the result of the first group today!

Cracking start wasn't it!

And they loved the cupcakes we gave out today!

.... because there is always room for cake on one of our classes!!!

Next beginners workshop takes place on Friday 14th October.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Fun with zips!

Well we have just completed our first month and it has been a great success. This is fantastic when you hear the news and the world seems to be going to hell in a handcart!

Last Saturday was our first class and we kicked off with "Playing with Zips" with the lovely Kathleen Dague. We  learnt how to deal with a centred zip, a concealed zip and a lapped zip! And we even know what to do with 2 more of those strange feet that came with our sewing machines - result! Kathleen provided us with practice zips and calico, as well as detailed written instructions so everyone is pretty sure that they will be able to recreate these zips on their own!

Once everyone had a go with these zips they used 2 fat quarters to put together an adorable cosmetic bag. Here are just some of them

Kathleen was a very patient teacher and everyone produced a very professional looking bag. The ladies on the course had a great time and the Dundee cake went down a storm!

Tomorrow is the first Saturday meeting of our new quilting group the Granary Quilters, and we are very excited to see who comes! The cake for tomorrow is Lemon Drizzle and Jam Filled Biscuits - all expertly made for us by the bakerlicious Anita! Thanks Anita - we can feel our trousers getting tighter by the minute but it is sooo worth it!

Best Wishes


Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Welcome to Bee Crafty

So let us introduce ourselves!

Bee Crafty is a fantastic new craft shop and training centre which opened on the 6th August in the pretty village of Ellington in Huntingdon (just off the A14/A1 – directions available).

This new, inventive and creative centre is the joint brain child of the well known actress and disability rights campaigner Julie Fernandez (played Brenda in the BBC award winning series The Office and Eldorado’s Nessa Lockhead) and award winning jewellery designer and teacher Sarah Payne (finalist for the prestigious Fire Mountain Gems and Beads 2009 – beading category).

As our individual skill and passion for crafts developed we identified that the next big step for us was to create an exciting new business catering for like - minded crafters with a keen interest to either expand on their chosen craft or move on to other forms of mixed media crafts through classes and practise.

Bee Crafty will be a centre for people to indulge and enjoy either the shop, the classes or to bring their own craft in with them and enjoy the relaxed, fun atmosphere of a group session (currently known in crafting circles  as ‘stitch n bitch’ and ‘knit and natter’ sessions!).  Bee Crafty will welcome everybody and will currently concentrate on the three main areas of the growing craft industry; patchwork quilting, knitting/crochet and beading.
So if you happen to be passing, feel free to drop in and say Hi. There is always a cuppa on the go and a biscuit in the tin!

Best wishes

Sarah & Julie