Friday, 2 November 2012

When someone else's work is so amazing it makes you want to weep...! Introducing Pam McDonald

It is shocking how long it has been since my last post, but we have been very busy in the shop, as those of you who receive the newsletter or follow us on Facebook will know. 

I 'go through all the details now, suffice to say that I am making a November resolution to be more attentive to this poor old blog! Today I have decided to share a piece of work by one of our customers (who also happens to be teaching at the shop in a few weeks) - Pam McDonald.

I would usually put pictures of customer's work up on the Facebook page with a few sentences to describe it, but I think this one needs a little more room than that!

This piece of work is called Sylvia's workbox and is a very personal piece of work as it was created from the sewing box given to Pam when her friend Sylvia passed away.

Sylvia was a teacher, a mother and a prolific sewing, and Pam has used elements from that work box to capture those elements of Sylvia's life and character on canvas. I have to say that when Pam bought it into the shop on Wednesday that it brought the place to a standstill. We all stood around in open-mouthed wonder at this piece of art and the sheer ingenuity of what went into it.
 The attention to detail is astounding - I loved the use of the of old needles in the centre of the flowers,  as well as the rows of pins. So imaginative!

The layers of work, and of meaning, encourages you to look deep into the canvas as well as deep into a life.
 The more you looked - the more you see!

This piece of work was recently exhibited at the Embroiderers Guild exhibition in Peterborough - and I am sure it caused quite a stir! It will eventually be given to Sylvia's son - and very lucky he will be!

 If you want to see more about Pam, you can visit her blog which I am a big fan of (as you probably guessed!) or join her here at Bee Crafty on Friday 9th November to have a go at making some stunning embroidered buttons.



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